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Part of our rich assortment and tradition of making fresh pasta are also ravioli — stuffed frozen pasta. Ravioli are stuffed traditional pasta in the form of pillows that hide delicious ingredients inside the dough, which gives the dishes a special charm. We produce them with a combination of the highest quality durum wheat grains and type 550 flour. In industrial production, the ravioli are dry, while ours are special, just like the ones we make at home, and full and juicy because they are filled with premium ingredients. In our assortment, you can find homemade ravioli filled with a combination of cottage cheese and several types of fresh cheese, as well as homemade ravioli filled with spinach. Stuffed ravioli are always a combination for a tasty and light lunch, and they are ideal for meals with the use of light sauces. In order to make the most of the full flavor of the ravioli, put it in boiling water and after it boils, continue to cook on low heat. The pasta should ‘dance’ during the entire cooking process, and check the cooking time on the packaging.

The secret of taste and high energy value is hidden in the shocking, fast freezing of the pasta. The time period from mixing the ingredients to deep freezing is short, which maximally preserves the high characteristics and quality of the product itself.

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