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Pljukanci is a traditional Istrian pasta that is the most famous and sought after in the northwestern part of Istria. In the time of our grandparents, it was considered a poor man’s dish because of the simple ingredients and the preparation itself, and today it is one of the special delicacies that nurtures a long-standing tradition. In domestic kitchens and in the original recipe, they are prepared from flour and water, and they are shaped by mixing the dough by hand, which is torn into pieces, and by rubbing the dough between the palms, they form spindles. Due to their quick and simple preparation, they were once a “daily” dish, unlike fuži, which were served as pasta for special occasions; holidays, Sundays, festivals, etc.

High-quality wheat flour is used in our production. Keeping the traditional, spindle-shaped shape, the spits have a smooth texture to give the feeling of the past, when the dough was kneaded by hand. Each season gives us certain foods with which we complete our Istrian cookbooks. Pljukans, with various sauces, are combined with asparagus and pancetta in the spring, with zucchini and seasonal vegetables in the summer, while in the fall we prepare a real gourmet experience – pljukanci with boletus mushrooms.

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