Why is our
pasta special?

Pasta Klara Marić is a traditional Istrian pasta. It is made according to the old, original recipes of our grandmothers, which is the most similar to homemade, hand made.

The best quality pasta
is produced from durum wheat

The secret of excellent pasta is in the flour.

In our production, we use the highest quality grains of durum wheat, grano duro. Durum or the so-called durum wheat is a variety of spring wheat that is a rich source of energy. It has a high protein content, which is extremely important for the production of high-quality pasta. This is why durum wheat pasta retains its shape and firmness when cooked, is elastic, more resistant to overcooking and less sticky. It has a natural yellowish color without the addition of eggs due to the natural yellow pigment of the flour..

Due to all its ingredients, durum wheat is the best and highest quality raw material for the production of homemade pasta.

Rolled pasta - the most similar to
homemade, handmade pasta

What makes our pasta special is that it is made most similar to homemade, which is rolling with rollers. Klara Marić pasta is not pressed through molds as in other production plants. By pressing the pasta, it loses the quality of the mixture, i.e. the dough, and becomes mushy. By rolling the pasta with the rollers, it retains the quality of the dough itself, its lightness and porosity. All our pasta is rolled, so we remain faithful to traditional, homemade and authentic pasta making.

We are faithful to traditional homemade and authentic pasta making.

We are the only ones in Croatia
to produce matasse pasta

We are the only manufacturer in Croatia, along with only a few others in Italy, that produces pasta using ‘matasse’ – which is the highest quality, but also the most difficult method of production.

Picture 1
Taliatelle matasse
WHAT IS ‘MATASSA’? Matassa is the traditional method of stretching or pulling out the dough, as well as the name for the final shape of the pasta that we see in the packaging. This method of making pasta consists of passing the dough through rollers. The dough is rolled to the desired thickness and length. It is then wrapped in a spiral that resembles a braid or threads of different thickness and length. In other production facilities, the tagliatelle comes packaged in the form of a “nest”, while ours is the only one on a matasse, i.e. in the form of a long spiral.

Tagliatelle matasse are a symbol of local gastronomy. They represent typical fresh pasta made by our grandmothers in a very characteristic and completely manual way.
Picture 2.
Nest-shaped tagliatelle
Matassa is characterized by the skillful movements of our grandmothers, who, during preparation, rolled the stretched pasta in the form of a very long thread in their hands, just like they used to do with wool threads. With these movements, the pasta became even longer and thinner, and when stacking it like this, the dough would be sprinkled with flour every so often so that the tagliatelle would not stick to each other.

Wanting to imitate the original movements and the entire process in our production, a machine was adapted that gives us the possibility of repeating the entire process in the most similar way to the original one. This production process is extremely long, slow and demanding, but the final product is the closest to the domestically made one.
Every time we say that we are the only ones in Croatia to produce tagliatelle ‘matasse’, we want to highlight the value of this method of production and the final product, the deep connection with tradition and our effort to provide you with nothing less than a top-quality product.

100% fresh eggs

We use daily fresh eggs in our manufacture, while powdered eggs are used in industrial manufacture facilities.

A particularly long
pasta drying process

We pay special attention to each stage in the production process. Klara Marić pasta is also special in that it has a particularly long and slow drying and dehydration process. Drying is a key stage of the process for producing high-quality pasta. In our facility, pasta is dried for 18-24 hours, while in large production facilities, this process is shortened to a maximum of three hours. Ultimately, the cheaper the pasta, the shorter the drying process.

Traditional, homemade and authentic
pasta production


fresh eggs

powdered eggs

highest quality durum wheat

plain flour

rolled pasta

pressing through molds

long and short drying process

short drying process

packaging by hand

industrial packaging

Traditional, homemade and authentic
making of pasta


fresh eggs

the highest quality durum flour

rolled pasta

long and slow drying

manual packing

regular flour

pressing through

powdered eggs

short drying process

industrial packing

Pasteurization of pasta

The pasteurization process is extremely important in the production of fresh pasta. It affects the quality of fresh pasta. In this way, microorganisms are killed, the shelf life is extended, and the pasta acquires a shine. In our facility, pasteurization is done with dry steam at approximately 80 degrees, which contributes to preserving the quality and nutritional characteristics of the product.

Deep shock freezing of pasta

Our frozen pasta has a high energy value. In production, it goes through a shockingly fast shrinkage. In other words, the time period from mixing the ingredients to deep freezing is extremely short. In this way, the high characteristics of the ingredients we use are kept as much as possible. The dough is the same as for dried pasta. The only difference is that fresh pasta is placed in freezers instead of in dryers.

Manual packaging of pasta

As we are faithful to traditional, homemade and authentic pasta making, we finish the last production process just like that – traditionally. In our production, pasta is packed by hand. Unlike the industrial approach where it is packed by machine (e.g. Tagliatelle in the form of a nest), manual packaging is something else. Contact with human hands, for us, brings warmth and a complete feeling of a domestic product.

Stories filled with colors, tastes and smells

Klara Marić two-color pasta is a unique product on the market. We do not use artificial colors in the production of two-color pasta. We use only fresh ingredients; it is also made with real cuttlefish ink, top quality spinach and chili peppers.
Out of love of spinach

Spinach flavored pasta

Klara Marić two-color pasta is an authentic product and a combination of traditional and modern cuisine. In addition to its appearance, it additionally enriches the taste of the dish itself and is excellently combined with other foods.

For lovers of spicy flavors

Chili-flavored pasta

In our assortment, we have two-color fuži and tagliatelle. They follow an identical traditional production process, except that when mixing the dough, flavors are added in the form of fresh ingredients.

The unique taste of the Adriatic

Pasta with cuttlefish ink

Only high-quality, 100% healthy and natural foods from verified farms were chosen. We get cuttlefish in liquid form, and chili and spinach in a dried, dehydrated state in order to keep the high characteristics of the food as much as possible. In further processing, in our production and then during cooking, the properties and flavors of the selected ingredients are not lost.

A combination of traditional
and modern cuisine


healthy pasta


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