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Mafalde are pasta with a special and interesting shape and a touching history. Although slightly different, they are produced in Italy, and are named in honor of Princess Mafalda of Savoy – a member of the Italian royal dynasty. She was the daughter of the Italian king Victor Emmanuel III. and the Montenegrin princess Elena and the sister of the last Italian king – Umberto II. Determined in the fight against the Nazis, she ended her life with a tragic death in a Nazi concentration camp.

Mafaldas, known in Italy as “reginette” / little queens, are enticing long ribbon-shaped pasta with curled edges with a striking appearance. According to legend, Princess Mafalda had beautiful curly hair, so the wavy pasta symbolically resembles her curly locks.

Our mafaldas are shorter and wider than the Italian version and perfect for the most complex recipes. We produce them from the highest quality durum wheat grains and eggs. In combination with the curved shape of the pasta on the edges and the flat central part, they guarantee high quality. The ridges that make mafaldas so distinctive are also great for catching each bite of sauce, making sure that each one delivers a phenomenal fullness of flavor. With mafaldas, every dish looks richer, and they can be combined freely with whatever you want, while in Italy they are most often served with bolognese sauce.

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