Combination of
tradition and love
Combination of tradition and love

Istrian fuži

The most famous and traditional
Istrian pasta.

Delicious, traditional and homemade pasta is specific to the north-western part of Istria – a place where the mild Mediterranean climate has combined with the natural features of the interior of Istria.

Recognized for the authentic production of several types of pasta, by far the most famous are FUŽI.

100% fresh eggs

In production, we use daily fresh eggs from local production.
We do not use egg powder.

100% durum wheat

The best quality flour
for pasta making in the world.

3,5 milion

In our family production we produce
up to 3 tons of fuži a day.

The queen of Istrian pasta

Fuži is often called the queen of pasta. The unique shape of this pasta is accompanied by a legend that started a deep tradition. Fuži are still made in an authentic and traditional way.

Our homemade fuži is made from carefully selected grains of the highest quality durum wheat and high-quality, fresh eggs. We do not use powdered eggs in production. The dough is rolled and then cut in the shape of a rhombus – as if we were making krpice or, as we also call them, pasutice. The two ends of the dough are then joined and folded over each other and pressed so that they do not separate. Traditionally, fuži are made with the help of a stick around which krpice are wrapped, i.e. squares of dough, the ends of which are joined into the final shape – fuži. The result of using a stick is a hole in fuži, which makes the pasta ideal for absorbing the sauce. Thanks to our efforts, this form has become nationally recognized, which is why we are extremely proud!

Fuži are a holiday staple in Istria. In the past, they were prepared exclusively for holidays, special celebrations, festivals and ceremonies. Traditionally, a recipe was prepared with chicken sauce, known in Istria as žgvacet. At that time, there is no family whose house did not smell of fuži in chicken sauce – a simple and delicious, old traditional recipe that is part of the customs even today.



durum wheat fuži

100% rolled homemade pasta with eggs produced according to an old, traditional recipe and the original way of making the dough. We use the highest quality variety of durum wheat for the production of all our pasta.

We do not use powdered eggs!

Istrian fuži

with chili

Chili-flavored pasta for all lovers of modern cuisine. We buy chili pepper in a dried, dehydrated and ground state in order to use foods with maximum preserved nutritional value.

We do not use powdered colors!

Istrian fuži

with spinach

Asparagus  pasta is made from real asparagus. In order for the natural elixir of health to be as complete as possible in our pasta, we purchase it in dried, dehydrated and ground form, which retains all its useful ingredients.

We do not use powdered colors!

Istrian fuži

with cuttlefish ink

100% Croatian black cuttlefish. In order to use our domestic cuttlefish from the Adriatic, we purchase cuttlefish ink from local producers. In order to use the best quality ink from fresh cuttlefish, we purchase it in liquid form.

We do not use powdered colors!

The legend of fuži

From krpice to fuži. According to the legend, nona Luca, wanting to prepare something new and different for her nephew, came up with the idea of how to make a new form of pasutica pasta.

The best from Istria: Kanfanar

Istrian fuži with asparagus and pancetta! Istrian cuisine is a combination of continental and Mediterranean cuisine rich in various traditional and modern recipes.


Fužijada is a gastro show dedicated to fuži as part of the traditional manifestation of Jakovlja in Kanfanar. It takes place every year on the last Saturday in the month of July with the aim of preserving and developing Istrian customs and heritage.

Kanfanar - the borough of the Istrian ox and fuži

Kanfanar is a place in northwestern Istria that is trademarked and known as the borough of the Istrian ox and fuža. Wanting to preserve the most sensitive part of Istrian culture and tradition with the symbols of boškarin, as Istrian cattle whose cultivation is of great importance for Istria and fuji, which have been an indispensable part of the holiday table since ancient times, the Jakovlje event and a series of events cherish the long and old tradition of this area.

Fuži – the most famous symbol of Istrian gastronomic offer

Today, fuži have become a recognizable brand and the main sign of Kanfanar, but also a well-known pasta outside of Istria precisely thanks to our pasta craft Klara Marić. With the desire to nurture traditional Istrian production in cooperation with the borough, we decided to organize a special event, which today has a long tradition behind it. Fužijada is a gastronomic event where we present dishes with fuži, old and traditional recipes, and visitors have the opportunity to taste several types of dishes as well as learn how the most famous Istrian pasta is made and prepared.


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