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RecipesAsparagus šurle with celery leaf pesto, cottage cheese and walnuts

Asparagus šurle with celery leaf pesto, cottage cheese and walnuts

vrijeme kuhanja

1h 30'

broj serviranja

4 servings

zahtjevnost recepta

medium light


– celery
– olive oil
– garlic
– walnuts
– honey
– spices as desired
– asparagus šurle
– cottage cheese


To start, put celery, olive oil and a little garlic in a blender and blend. Then add walnuts, a spoonful of honey, a little salt and pepper and blend again until you get a thick liquid and the pesto is ready. Put the pasta to boil. Fry the curd in a pan with a drop of olive oil and occasionally turn it to the other side so that everything caramelizes. Mix the cooked pasta with the pesto and, if desired, add a little mixed pepper and salt and starch water. Serve pasta mixed with pesto with cottage cheese and sprinkle with crushed walnuts and a teaspoon of honey.

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Ivan Pažanin is a well-known chef from Split who we have had the opportunity to watch for several seasons in the RTL television culinary show “Tri, dva, jedan – kuhaj!’ He gained his experience cooking in the world’s most famous restaurants. As a big food lover, Ivan likes to cook and try various recipes, but also to combine quality ingredients. He recognized the quality of Klara Marić’s pasta, which he often prepared in his home, and that’s how we started our collaboration. The most beautiful are those stories that are connected by friendship, but also by good food. Ours with Ivan started just like that. Spontaneously. He likes to cook, and we like to try his recipes. In order for you to be a part of the story of rich flavors and aromas, get inspired by the recipes.

“What I look for in my dishes is only the best, quality and homemade, and what I respect more than anything is the effort and work of human hands invested in the production of pasta. And that’s the Klara Marić brand!”

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